Who is Draugur?

Artworks of a person who no longer exist, Alberto Facchinetti.

But we are as much alive as the memory of us, right?

He was an artist, from Italy and my father. He was a writer, musician and extremely talented and passionate drawer. All of his illustrations are made with pen on paper, free handed and later digitalized and printed.

Discover the world I grow up in, made of dark surrealism, and other fantastic creatures.



  • Never too late for a Gift

    Did you just remember that you need to buy a gift? No problem! If it is too late for it to arrive in time, we will be sure that there is something for you to show up with! Send us an email and we will provide a more than legit personalized Digital Excuse Card to make up for the delay. Thank me later

  • We are (only) humans

    We are a small reality (me), with limited resources, so, to avoid waste and unnecessary storage, and to maintain the high quality of our precious prints, please be patient with shipment times. I assure you, they will always arrive, but even if we are already your favorite, we have no prime option, you know what I mean

  • Want to Collaborate?

    We are always open to new creatives ideas, or if you want to know more about our project, or about the story of the artist (yes, he wrote a quite unique autobiography too), or are you just curious to know what "Draugur" means, reach out to us on IG or sent us an email, we are always happy to chat